It seems as if everyone is talking about the Enneagram right now.

If St. Augustine were around today, I think he would urge us to see the great cultural moment that we have in front of us to point people to God.

James K.A. Smith points out in his book On the Road with Saint Augustine that the bishop was asking many of the same questions on his journey to Rome (articulated in his Confessions) that many postmoderns are asking. He went on a quest to find his true self and didn’t shy away from expressing his deepest doubts. 

On this road, Augustine shifted his focus from the outward world to his inward self. The road he took was one of self-examination. But for him, this journey of self-reflection, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, doesn’t lead us to pride but rather greater knowledge of our inherent limitations. On this road of searching for the true self, if you get to the very end, you will find God. (Charles Taylor’s Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity).

After decades of the church deploying reason-based apologetics, the door is wide open for us to use a self-awareness tool like the Enneagram to connect the hearts and minds of a culture that has split itself.

We can go on the same journey of discovering the imago dei within as Augustine and invite others to join us. 

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