Enneagram Type 9: A Christian Perspective

Hello, Nine! Peacemakers are easily the most likable personality: your smile, non-threatening posture, selfless nature, and ability to pour oil on troubled waters make you well-loved. Your presence is enjoyed by all.  Here’s the deal: sometimes, it doesn’t feel that way. There are times when you feel like your presence doesn’t matter and your contributions […]

Enneagram Type 6: A Christian Perspective

Hello, Six! I have a lot of experience with Loyalists because I married a Six! My wife, Lindsey, is one of the most courageous people I know and she has taught me courage, not the other way around. While I have the gift of faith and can run after intimidating ideas and plans, she often […]

Enneagram Type 4: A Christian Perspective

Hello, Four! There’s no one like you. You are a unique, one-of-a-kind, gift from the Divine Artist to the world. You are an old soul with the innovative heart of a groundbreaking artist, likely spending your life feeling as though you were born both too late and way too soon. When at your best, time […]

Enneagram Type 3: A Christian Perspective

Hello, Three! As a Type Three Achiever myself, I am tempted to believe living life is like treading water—if I stop accomplishing, I’ll sink. My greatest fear has always been standing before God at the end of my life and hearing him say, “You didn’t do enough.” But I’ve come to realize the voice I […]

Should Christians Use The Enneagram?

Some Enneagram authors have claimed that the roots of the Enneagram can be traced back to the Christian monk Evagrius as well as the Desert Fathers and Mothers of the Fourth Century. It’s hard to know for sure because there isn’t a lot of clear evidence. The first mention of the Enneagram was by Russian […]

No Fear of Death

It’s sort of counter-cultural to talk about death. It’s something that all of us try to avoid. But COVID-19 is waking us up to the reality of death right now. A century or two ago it was impossible to avoid death. For example, during the colonial times, the average family lost one out of every […]

Fig Leaves: How We Avoid Vulnerability

What do you do when fear, guilt, or shame creeps in? When the distractions fade and you’re left alone with your Accuser? Adam and Eve, after eating the forbidden fruit, sewed fig leaves to cover the awful feeling of being naked and exposed. “So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, […]

Can the Enneagram Itself Save Us?

French secular philosopher Luc Ferry, in his book A Brief History of Thought, proposed that every human, religious or not, seeks salvation: “If religions can be defined as ‘doctrines of salvation’, the great philosophies can also be defined as doctrines of salvation (but without the help of a God).” Ferry points out that every philosophical […]

Would St. Augustine Take the Enneagram?

It seems as if everyone is talking about the Enneagram right now. If St. Augustine were around today, I think he would urge us to see the great cultural moment that we have in front of us to point people to God. James K.A. Smith points out in his book On the Road with Saint […]